Behavior by Bob Bailey  UNDER CONSTRUCTION
This website is dedicated to the memory of my lovely and loving wife, Marian Breland Bailey.  Marian, affectionately called Mouse, passed away  peacefully September 25, 2001.

Robert (Bob) Bailey is a biologist/behaviorist/animal trainer and systems analyst with more than 54 years experience.

Bob’s company, Animal Behavior Enterprises (ABE), produced animal shows for companies and behavioral systems for governmental agencies.

Bob has studied and trained more than 140 different species.

Bob lectures and consults for government agencies and commercial concerns on certain issues in applied behavior analysis, including animal training and “behavioral systems.?nbsp;

Bob usually does NOT consult on pet animal or aggression issues.

Bob gives short (2 to 5 day) workshops teaching the fundamentals of applied behavior analysis (useful for medical and psychological clinicians, business executives, supervisory personnel, and animal trainers).